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The FireFox browser is free to download with a built in Google Toolbar for greater added features. This browser gives you a better browsing experience than many other browsers do. Web pages are delivered faster, you can import your favorites, and it is EASY to install! Millions of downloads of this browser prove that many who are tired of using the MSIE browser and want to use something better, different, or who want to be able to use both browsers on their computers for different experiences. We think that you, too, will enjoy your new browser, so go ahead and download the FREE Firefox browser now, what have you got to lose?

Can Over 184 MILLION Downloads Be Wrong?

There have been over 184,000,000 downloads of the FireFox browser to date. This shows that many internet surfers are looking for a better browser. The amount of internet surfers grow every single day. Every single day those surfing with Internet Explorer are noticing that there IS a better way to surf! That way is FireFox!

FireFox Features:

• Firefox by Mozilla is the FASTER way to surf the net!
• Import all your FAVORITES from Internet Explorer directly into your new speedier FireFox browser.
• Live Bookmarks with RSS Integration!
• Pop Up Blocking
• Password Manager
• Dozens of FREE downloadable plug ins for your FireFox browser.

FireFox Reviews By Users Who Have Already Downloaded It!

Check out the testimonials of users who have already download and are currently using FireFox by Mozilla.

Tim from Wisconsin, USA "I have been using Firefox for a long time and in my opinion, it gets better with age. Firefox offers many free extensions and security is much better than with MSIE.

Brenda from California, USA "This browser actually makes in fun to surf again! I'm never going back to Internet Explorer!

Jonathan from Knightsbridge, UK "Firefox is the fastest browser I have ever used. I have tried many such as Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. but none have come close to the speed and security I feel with Firefox.

Need Help?

We would be glad to help you, but due to the overwhelming volume of emails, please first check out our FAQ page. Click Here for our FireFox F.A.Q.'s. Be sure to visit our site often to see newly added reviews, testimonials and updates on the powerful and fast FireFox browser.

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